Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sharper Every Day

So much so that when an opportunity arrived he took it without question.

I'm in the wrong chair for drinking tea but when the muse beckons you don't ask questions.

Prayer is a continual action largely unrelated to language and won't yield fruit until you get that.

The world is coming to coaches.

She wrote later - in an apologetic note that he saved - that the list of things she didn't understand in the world grew longer and sharper every day.

One who begs forgiveness understands forgiveness.

How the hell did Terpsichorean find its way into the project?

Realization does not dawn slowly.

Lately I am focused not on the practice of others but on my own practice which is informed by others but not, um, exactly what they do so much as, you know.

Avoid speech.


We show up and we write and we do it without judgment.

Another way to think about the past is that what happened, happened.

Five years later I understand the concern you raised when I spoke about singing and dancing as a means of attaining grace and can only say that I'm sorry.

You want some pie?

The gibbous moon sank slowly into the hills where a train - a very loud one for 4 a.m. - cranked along decrepit tracks.

One fears for bears in unseasonable winter warmth.

Another way of making sense is not to say anything at all.

The decorative wagon wheel was moved from the barn to the front of the house and everyone agreed it was a lovely development and would much improve saleability.

Yet who could say who it was saying - and more importantly meaning - all that?

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