Friday, September 9, 2011

Tenderness Leaves Me Baffled

The wind moved in the high trees, it came from the east, it had to do with a storm. The barn door opening always reminded me of thunder. Earlier I studied a photograph of Forget-Me-Nots and saw how one blossom was not blue but a sort of bruised purple, almost like a blueberry a few days before it is ripe, and it occurred to me that some bluets are that way also. Yet this is not and never was about me.

She fixed her glasses and raised her chin, it was her way of figuring out who was telling the truth and who was not. Any tenderness leaves me baffled. The wind began to be a sound one heard in the distance, like an eighteen wheeler bound for Albany or a jet airliner heading God knows where. Falling to sleep, I thought I heard Stevie Nicks call my name, like inviting me on stage to sing.

Disco balls creak as they rotate. We ordered new knives and when they arrived the old cat chose that box to sleep on and so - seven weeks later - we are still using old knives. Any text with reference to values - and some suggestion as to their application - is religious, is it not? He was so tired he could barely and write and yet he did.

The old mattress, toy mice that our late daughter knitted during a snow storm, and dreams of so much mail that you can't decide which letter to answer first. The man who opted against missives is not a man I'll be breaking bread with any time soon. Picking apples on the lookout for bears. The ironing board fell over while my mamma was ironing and I ran by not paying attention like I was told, that's how.

Hirsute and complicit. Some people ignored the swelling while others paused to praise the absence of tears or any other noticeable complaint. You can scale a mountain if you want but there's lots of ways to gain proximity to the Kingdom and you shouldn't be scared of being creative. Look how much rain fell and I went out and stood in it saying thank you thank you thank you.

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