Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virginia Woolf Stared Sadly

In the forest I am always looking for something but what. What it signified by black bears. Water sounds below the ridge. An old birch tree perched on its roots, dreaming a dream of papyrus. What in that moment is attended by sorrow. An effect of joy remembered. Thorough notes on backwards causality. You never write anymore. There are many ways out of the woods (and each is a way in too). Paltry, as in a deficiency, as in confused. Not bull but Canadian and yes a profusion. A sentence that points outside the poem, as a bear might leave the woods, as the last one did for example. Hunger too is a sign. A sacred travesty occurs in its ambit. Nothing is that isn't God. Decrepit bridges, vivid moss. We leave the trail, suddenly living. What does it mean to say anything any way? As in Virginia Woolf stared sadly at a shallow brook. I am following a trail, returning, I am saying it as I go.

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