Friday, August 26, 2011

There Must Be Something To Lift

I forget the sentences I thought earlier, walking into the forest under the moon. Fear in all areas, making me a child. The little boy says dance, he says make people happy. So there must be something to lift then that only I can see.

Certain people I miss, others I just remember. We are coming back to what was once called "the bird-shaped hole in the heart." Relearn what ruin means. You are justified by truth, which creates you anew each moment, and so.

He "leaned" on coffee, he "listed" in the lecture hall. A spooked killdeer takes flight and minutes later one hears a song. Her dog came back smelling vaguely of skunk. I dreamed of the old barn where as a child you raised turkeys in secret.

All fathers pose a problem to their sons but remember that all sons are capable of resolution. Circles meet in a defined way or they aren't circles. Writing came easily - some writing did - and so I call myself a writer. Imagine each sentence outside of time, outside the paragraph.

There is nothing to do is the last lesson before learning begins. He worked on a journal entry  - what we call rewriting - knowing it would be his last. Your lark doesn't nest anymore than you do but then you knew that, didn't you? What I'm saying is, Emily Dickinson's letters are good summer reading.

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