Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Wreck You Knew Was Coming

Do we ever really experience longing? It is what I have in common with both elephants and turtles. Crows eyed his broken body from the guard rail. It hurts, no matter what language you say it in.

Again with the incessant call for clarity. Sit still a moment and see what happens. She wrote in a letter that I cannot cause the grass to grow. Somebody spiked the punch and now look.

A window, a miniature. The hungry blue light of twilight on their wings. He ordered me not to cry. You surface less and less, as if you finally found the wreck you were searching for.

There's a high school dance in this sentence. Cross words. My whisper was your voluble lyric. There is never time for what we think we have to say.

A road, a lift, a dance, a lesson. In the valley where one last time we met the mad inspired teacher. The wreck you knew was coming is now gone. It was just a game but still.

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