Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Otherwise Fatal Communion

We move from the grounds of burial to spiritual certitude. Nobody theorizes about art around here yet there ought to be a connection or two. Can we say there is such a thing as excessive nutrition? A comminatory God plays well on Ash Wednesday but it's an otherwise fatal communion. So who is designing the new emblem?

One aspires to reproduction. One reluctantly lends credence to the Victorians - and also the Puritans - for adhering to a difficult order. The fingertips will almost always reveal the motive. Also, you can tell an atheist by his missing thumb. Don't rely on medicine when you can still be bound by stars.

Please do deny aboulia. At the freak show, we heard a strange folk song that seemed to go on forever. Emily Dickinson was carried through the fields in dissipating sunlight. It's not unlike the rural trade of race horses. Creation reviewed.

A renewed vainglory while puffing through winter fields, jerking the red wool scarf to stop it from icing over. A long time ago I stormed a beach, climbed a mountain, came to a crossroads. When dreaming, try to inject a little bit of Poland into it. To be overly attractive is to meet the definition. Thematic makeovers, obligatory concession speeches.

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