Monday, August 8, 2011

All You Need To Know About Mortality

An oaken light that followed rain. She threw her head back. Prodigal and religion don't mix son.

The teacher asked the student to describe him in one word and the student answered shatterproof. A map could not have done it better. One asks about the bears, where they'll go come winter.

A shred of skin near the knuckle is all you need to know about mortality. He suffers looking for sentences. Mass-produced bells.

Pearl onions, Patagonia, patchouli. My fifth grade teacher in a yellow poncho. The windows were open, melodious light.

I resent you for making me resent myself. Resending old letters is a kind of spiritual therapy. You pass on the left, pull over to pee on the right.

All capitalization is dictatorial. The student yawned and stared out the window and that created a silence. How will I remember the judgment?

I remember your smile. It's not enough.

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