Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Communication Avoidance Mechanism

The space in which reading becomes a communication avoidance mechanism. Thought and thinking are not related. All these kids are sticks but you are a really big stick. In a dream then, the love I believe I was denied.

We moved in the direction of tea and many people celebrated. This sentence feels wrong and - surprise surprise - so does the one coming up. Channeling is all the rage right now, especially for people who give a shit about separate gods. I am that.

One draft writing is not what it wants to be. Can a road linger? Does a bear copulate in hidden groves that human beings pass only once every thirty years or so? He asked - it was a good question - what the point was of trails.

A writer is not better than. That old game we used to play - lifting the parachute and racing underneath it - took a lot of hands to make it fun. Injustice only decades later subject to the needed amends. It was nice yesterday, talking to you in the sunlight, about nothing much at all.

What then is really necessary? The Kingdom is obvious but you have to give up the world and who wants to lose Coney Island hot dogs? Grudges meet what hidden need? A real blessing elevates exactly none of the five senses.

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