Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Want Persists

A bounded desire. Berlin, Germany in 1988. Any landscape seen with eyes. How far will a flashlight reach?

Love is a purple pen shared with a like-minded teacher. Tarot of Prague priced out of my league. A picture of a distinctly Celtic, a manicured Jesus. Photographs then?

I love you in an active not a discursive way. The twenty sentences are unrelated to time. Form need not be temporal. Yet the question - what do you want - persists.

Parrots, chameleons. Silent dreams. Up for hours in the lotus position practicing awareness. No sign of him yet no despair yet either.

Be careful of how you advise yourself. Mistakes can be momentous. A portentous barking in the background. In the foreground coffee and writing, like this.

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