Friday, July 22, 2011

The Legwork Around Here

The neighbor's chickens scratch under the front yard maple tree. He limps along in his own way. Want to know what to do? Feed yourself, feed others. Don't ask for answers you aren't ready to question.

Pawn to e5. Don't call it a game even though it's a game. Don't call it a story. What the mail rendered is obsolete. The horses came over once, their untrimmed hooves gouging the lawn.

Forsythia, gentians, frost-crested clover. The neighbor's wife in a bathtub reading What To Expect. Not covetous, curious. Coffee sure does do a lot of the legwork around here. More reading doesn't mean more insight.

Three hours without subtitles! The queen was once limited in her movement yet once empowered improved the game greatly. Your Bucharest, my unfinished novel. Little digs without respite. The thing about hunger is it returns.

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