Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Like Parcheesi Only Worse

Your chess set is my green world. Sunlight on a male mallard's back is not proof of God! Touching your ass made us both smile. What a life.

One imagines waves gently cresting an empty beach. Baby whales gasping in the garden. Everybody has their own idea of what it means to win and nobody gets it right. It's like parcheesi, only worse.

He taught his youngest daughter about the behavior of barn swallows. The builder smoked while they reviewed his work. Approval often manifests in writing. In this life at this time a black bear is the perfect joy.

Still a hint of red pepper when your eyes are open at noon. Your cork-colored hair, the way you reach when picking apples. Purple Loosestrife was all along the highway. What's sad is when you realize you'll never remember all the sentences you think.

Coffee and cigarettes - no better way to greet the day. The poor will be with you always is not a license to pay them no or scant attention. The flaws were obvious, his love dimly perceived. On and on it went, like a merry-go-round, like weather.

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