Monday, July 18, 2011

All The Same Moment All The Time

Don't make a list. Don't clump it together. Don't make meaning obvious. Don't elect chickens. And don't complain, it's unbecoming in poets.

Are you repeating yourself or saying something different? Are you insisting on a certain readerly experience? Are you using poetic strategies or theological ones or what? This note is not the one you were working on earlier and what does that mean? Yet they do have a certain charm in the way they keep scratching for what sustains them.

I'm not but you are. How did you fill that last space? This paragraph employs the strategy of a literary essay. Now are you laughing? Bob Seger reminds us that pages are meant to be turned.

Meat allowed to be burned? If we didn't share some mutual desire then we wouldn't both be here - you in the reading, me in the writing. It's all the same moment all the time. Is the overall project weakened by sharing every piece? Writing is my new favorite noun.

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