Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Cherished Family Artifact

You should distrust every declaration. Cognition is nothing but a spark plug. Blonde rocks in the garden, sunflowers that withstood lightening. Stop pissing off quantum physicists, okay?

Whenever I found a place that indicated settlement, I kept going. I am the man I am writing about. What does my son mean when he says that? Later, Vermont, more coffee, and the same old conversation about land.

Borders making arrangements with one another. A certain focus is required. To maintain maximum awareness you should wear your crucifix outside your shirt. Yeah, Buddha wept alright.

Why not misspell this word or another? Have you ever sat down with coffee to write and the writing was so intense that you forgot all about the coffee until it was cold? The goal is recovery. A rusted wheel barrow might help.

A hankering to farm is a cherished family artifact. We are all like pigs but in the pen or in the freezer? You woke and I tried to kiss you which you grudgingly allowed. Light, the last of the coffee, the love I am trying to say.

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