Saturday, June 18, 2011

To Rise and Once Risen

There are subtleties in the sentence which delineates space. We are not the genius we think we are. Your Kingdom of Heaven is my quiet parking lot. For the sake of oh.

Lines today are usually just chopped up sentence parts. Keep working at it though, you'll get there. God smiles at every dash and comma. The point is to rise and once risen sing.

Which ends first - form or content? I remember the slaughtered cows, splay-legged in the sunlight. Where there's a will there's hope of play. Not loneliness then but something different.

If it matters, make it up. Death and eating are form and content exactly. Oh get on with yourself. He stared for hours at the stars muttering to himself.

For what I can't say. Punctuation always made her remember the goats who decried all fences. Laughter is medicinal. And then wrote, and having written, cast his notes into the fire.

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