Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Bone Jockeys Are Ready

If you're going to do it then at least spring for pressure-treated four by fours. We laughed making sandwiches but not while witnessing divorce papers. Shimmering maple leaves blue in the moonlight.

If you can't see the world the way a frog does then don't knock science. She brought a fresh deck of cards to the table and we all questioned her motives. Silence breeds a hasty retreat.

Or perhaps goslings wrestling in tall grass. It rained and so we huddled by the fire, trying not to point fingers. Ice cream, moldy lettuce, backyard chicken eggs.

The bone jockeys are ready to go to the movies now. I emptied my wallet and later went swimming in the warm lake alone. All worship, all the time.

The mortgage balance nearly broke them yet they persevered, keeping the argument contained to minutiae such as how they squeezed the toothpaste. A dead snake occurred. What does the bible say about following blindly?

Rhubarb, apple blossoms, unfamiliar butterflies. The capitol city beckons but here we are. I woke up and there you were weeding the flower bed, whistling old Beatles tunes.

You just can't stop can you? You and your I love you but.

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