Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Service Was A Front

The revoked offer left an unexpected void into which forgiveness sprang like a hungry cat. Similes create new centers, not always good ones. I call on you to mitigate the damage by reading. We can always laugh, can't we?

Bluets near the puddles filled with frog eggs. Stopping by a fallen tree to investigate an army of mushrooms. Later a long email. Your Joycean candor is my midnight blush.

Lawn chairs stacked atop one another, frisbees akimbo. The famous actress expressed a prurient interest in the tailor and the whole village talked about it for generations. Turning over stones to look for gold pieces - that old dream. Santa Claus smoking cigarettes, criticizing eskimos.

The laundry storage service was a front for the mob. Catholics never keep their promises. We followed its paw prints until the sun fell, at last giving up. Similes center the image, thus bolstering the sentence.

Ah, complicity. We listened to John Lee Hooker, ate cold spaghetti and meatballs, and wondered what the morning would bring. Bones surface following rain. I regret the way it might have been.

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