Saturday, June 25, 2011

Open Freud's Maze

The lower button is undone. Thrumming of bees as we worked the hives lit ladders extending up to God. A single dandelion twice. Not books then but experience.

Perhaps the issue is one of faith vs. control. Perhaps we should visit a zoo eyes wide open. Freud's maze. Seedlings taking flight, despite the rain.

Ornamental punctuation. Love is letting go of little Christmas trees. Revelation of belly buttons in lieu of the Divine. We worked quickly, fully-clothed, not talking.

A dream in which war was inevitable and only one man could stop it. Magicians filed slowly past the coffin sobbing. Goat's milk ice cream, notes towards a Celtic diet. Brilliant pansies.

Brilliant fish circling the sky. Restless dogs nosing the underbrush, porcupines unsettled in sleep. She planted cosmos which I said was ironic and the gap in our marriage was thusly illustrated. Another beer, hey?

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