Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daisies Please

Dinner plans were canceled late by telephone which led to some distress. We rendered the story of a community, not of an individual. After, threats of legal action came and went. Divorce remains attractive.

Waking up alone comes first as a surprise. Most blessings contain a built-in lag time. I smelled the bear before I saw it. Brook sounds, God sounds.

We discussed the utility of text, the history of publishing, but not our own most recent efforts. Ice cream, my dear? Mow around the daisies, please. In fact, the note does mention you but I still think you're safe.

Charged with the pursuit of grace, I turned instead to poems. That old dream of fishing won't die. Creation myths are subject to perpetual revision. We commented later how his house needed a paint job.

Salt the bread dough before you fold in the cinnamon. One's life seen finally as an attempt to redefine abundance. Or else we are trying to recall the terms of the original invitation. Up the hill to bed, tired of all this pain.

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