Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Morning for Ha Ha's

Form masticates function or, to put it another way, function is the consumation of form. Yet design, too, is an illusion.You have to treat the dream like it's not a dream - that's when things really get interesting. Your margin for error is fourteen thousand.

How do percolators work? The morning breeze interacts with steam in a pleasing way. There is nothing new under the sun except microchips and processors. Look for a woman bearing candles and expect a new friendship.

Or teaching riding lessons to children maybe. Why is it that people in the country are always making camps for kids from the city? Can you possibly understand the function of a snake brain? More slim volumes of American poetry please!

Function derives from content, period. Study the zodiac with one hand behind your back. Welcome to the Harlem Camp For Kids Deprived of Traffic Sounds. What I am asking you is, do snakes remember anything?

You did not choose your form so how can you know your function? It turned out that my poetry was her waste of time. Quite a morning for ha ha's, isn't it? Now we're both twenty sentences closer to death.

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