Friday, December 12, 2008

You Exactly

First the plunge, then the adventure. He said, I want to win a bagel. Split, match, test.

Or else onto it lieu of. A leather welter breaking. She said, I've got two placentas in there.

Moonlight the day after an ice storm is lovely and magnificent but not proof of God. Pictures, not words, okay? I dreamed you put the kibosh on repeated use of first person.

A gem for Margaret, or tonsillitis. Never hesitate, only agitate. She wrote a long letter using Bossy's white milk.

The garbage floated upstream! One who plays whist is not necessarily a good companion for chess. No more edits!

He was reminded of a line from Oscar Wilde. An argument in favor of apostrophe's. What began over beer ends in a gunny sack.

But what you? Exactly.

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