Sunday, December 7, 2008

The General Point

All of the littlest words are my favorite. She spent the afternoon hemming wedding dresses for strangers, remembering her daughter who had died in a car crash years ago. Time does not wait but it often pauses, trickster that it is. A warm heart, a box of chocolates, a pot of stewed terrapin.

Running quickly to avoid the year's first snow storm to no avail. The fir tree quivered and a family of squirrels appeared to smile. The orange marker will appear dull gray to the color blind. A sigh of relief, a fountain of grief.

L.T. my wounded angel. I never saw the point of going "all night long." The message was long and convoluted in several languages but the general point was clear enough: nobody was welcome there anymore. Jelly doughnuts!

Organ notes rose into the air like blocks of cheese, heavy and pungent. Is it just me or does it sometimes seem like everyone's a Christian these days? Consider too the evolution of execution an essay on the human proclivity for kindness. A little boy passed the time by imagining each of his fingers was a dragon and having them fight one another on his lap.

This while the rest of the room hand-painted hand-crafted dominoes in silence. He wrote using words he'd never used before. Oh me oh my I gotta fly. Sirloin steeak marinated in catsup and soy sauce with onions puts me in the mind of leapfrogging social classes.

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