Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Essential Gambit Of The Sentence

Candles reassert themselves on an empty beach. Light that will mold itself into a guide or instrument. His search to occur at the site of his loneliness.

Scale now each new ladder ever deeper into purgatory. Lust is not diminished by the appearance of effort. His gift is willingness in the Presence.

Others, somewhere, share their plight. Without locks, I find all these keys abandoned in the dirt. Tricks when one does not need them!

The essential gambit of the sentence is to make stasis. Confident the sea is more broken. The great matter is left undone, always.

Circle open fields and return. He does not care for this sentence and so nearly excised it. The word "halter" makes him uncomfortable.

Loneliness is so big every word that follows is disquieting. Braids of sunlight ascend to the moon. Now he is watching it.

He is Observer, a role to which he is accustomed. Now many others arrive, wondering what to call me in the event of an event.

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