Saturday, December 13, 2008

Agitation of the Spirit

Agitation of the spirit confounds brilliant. The truth at length flashed upon me. I began to tour with abysses in my heart.

In one of the panels I found a sock. Upon arousing my side fell. My own voice had become rich and dense as with fog.

Overspread, disfigured. You think the oxen are okay and then this happens. A child's drawing in which the adults lean to one side.

The figure of fiends to my horror. She wrote he wrote and always the same. A wild sulfurous luster overcame them.

The dungeon was unbecoming someone whose campaign had been so high-minded. Keep your blunderbuss! A fine butternut squash infested with groundnuts.

To this one end I was finally committed. Any aspect of menace becomes manageable in the face of time. It was truly in my head.

He repeated the terms of the search many times. Thus and all.

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