Monday, December 15, 2008

Ached and Anyway

Pick a monarch, any monarch. Faulty trees begin to assemble and dictate to the clock. Oh what a wonderful wingspan you have!

Orchards bellow obtusely in the dark. A long one is better, everyone knows this. You want turtle for supper?

Beginnings often contain endings or can be so mistaken. They wrote together and came up with a more or less traditional narrative. The music box was broken and the same note played over and over.

It was like that in those days. A cat's cry, a last shear of light signifying grace. You can, if you want, read a different bible.

So it's questions you're pointing to. They rode a scooter on their vacation but when they fell, well it wasn't so much fun anymore. With me so far?

Broken airplane jitterbug blues. The truck sang as it sank into the snowbank. Like that only different.

He wrote to you. His throat ached and anyway.

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