Saturday, November 22, 2008

You See A Saga Composed In Pieces

No pirate will ever pursue pyrite! Surrender to the urgent faith characteristic of all newcomers. You can hear the trucks downshifting on the four lane, a mile or more away.

Take all the time you want, he said, meaning a few minutes and no more. Switchbacks faded into mist as they tied the horses and prepared to bed down for the night. It was, you see, a saga composed in pieces.

Consider the birds, the flowers. A mission that was not accomplished, despite heralds on the rotunda, surrounded by busy cameras. Yeah, I remember him - he was everywhere until suddenly he wasn't.

A screed or a poem, both of which would matter. Up late on the couch, discussing their next move, she confessed at last. When he closed his eyes he saw colorful banners on another continent calling him.

Incongruity, a word I must remember to use more. There is no "I" up there, it's more like a pool in which a lot of beautiful fish are leaping and falling like little rainbows. Open advocacy always makes me happy.

Possibly tuna casserole, possibly a donut. The dry leaves like mummified corpses were a chore nobody cared to undertake. The noun became a verb and it was okay because it worked just fine.

But me, I just can't sleep, can't find the right dream. This sentence is a beating heart.

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