Friday, November 14, 2008

Their Own Bodies Pitched Against Them

Your punishment will be infinite, the point made forcefully. Those before him in similar plight were "cast down" into destruction. One can't say, can one, from moment to moment, whether they shall stand or fall.

Walking over the icy lake it occurred to her that on such slight and slippery ground one needed only their own weight to be thrown down. Thus were their own bodies pitched against them. Always exposed to destruction.

He couldn't procure any rest at all for those he loved. You shall endeavor in vain, in the "ineffable strength of your torments." For all it was worth, it was chainsaw-wielding angels who handled most of the torment.

He fell. He fell without warning. Without being thrown the hand of another

Restrained by no other, firmer obligation then. Words that would have implied an infinite dread were they able, capable. Not harbored otherwise in a case beyond hope.

The cries of the torn were of extreme misery, perfect despair Oh, they said. You are here in the land of the living.

But the House of God. How dreadful that must be.

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