Monday, November 10, 2008

The Expense Of Desire

To cherish, to hold, to defeat in games of chance. Concordance was often achieved at the expense of desire. They were faithful, in the manner of dogs kicked over and over.

No buts, I just bought a new truck. Slick with wet snow, the driveway looked no better than the road. Her mind was on their first son who had died in the delivery room, a loss for which no pain wanted words.

A period of years, leaving scars and memories of surgery. You had your chance, don't whine about it now. He disappeared into the far field, after which her eyes hurt.

No soup is better than canned soup. He complained mostly on weekends and then only when his back hurt. The sixties and seventies I remember mostly in terms of laundry.

You never write, you never call. Have you considered a community with a strong arts and craft type of program. What was simple was never what was said, not ever and not there.

They looked awful laid out that way. There were fistfights after, bloody teeth bouncing over the gravel. Who could picture a future of white shirts and slain does?

There is no I where the circle won't stop. Sentence after informed sentence constructing a weary tale.

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