Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Left Behind Stunted

The little garden in front, the bigger garden out back. The chain saw's growl that remained in my ears much longer than you would have expected. There's a bear out there, can you hear it?

My heart was the color of sand and about that solid. A laugh is an anchor and a shepherd staff. Coming to to saltiness, warm in the back of my throat.

My head hurt most when she stopped hitting me. A sled could cut you deep, send you in for stitches to the doctor. We tried to be quiet watching tv in the front room while they fucked in the other.

I found a pearl in the rocks out back. Growing up too fast means a lot gets left behind stunted. Grounder equals grinder, ha ha.

You can do things with words that nobody else can. His heart lifted, enfolded in the tune. Please don't hurt me please.

But then nobody likes a beggar. Did I ever tell you what my father said about God hating cowards? The years passed like pickles down a pig's gullet and nobody worked as hard as they could have.

Because in truth, nobody wanted to be there. There was a ghost horse that lingered in the front yard looking for a rider.

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