Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Terms Of Graves

What would eventually be understood in terms of graves was at that time not. The doe paused by the river and he froze on the ridge unable to think or lift his gun. Plans for a gallows were labored over just long enough to give one pause.

You don't have a brother, period. When will we be there, he wrote. Limiting Christmas carols to one season ought to be a crime.

There were never any good books in that house. There was a window through which nothing interesting was ever seen. For a few weeks everybody wanted to read what I wrote.

All the early poems included reference to a strange man with an agenda nobody bothered to identify. I have always been envious of soldiers and artists. Even before leaving was a real possibility it was important to claim little pieces of the place for one's own.

Calling Columbia House Record Club from the phone booth at the Town Hall. The first high is the best high. We drove to Framingham hung over and discouraged, bought flowers for our mothers.

Someone was always making excuses for me. Snapping those black wax discs while our boyfriends danced! The sun rose on a jack rabbit's corpse.

He spread the newspaper on the table so I could see how the war had ended. The human heart is comprised of muscle and cannot be broken.

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