Saturday, November 8, 2008

Early As A Lifeline Of Sorts

Remembering goldenrod. Troubling events were put aside to make room for new ones. Life isn't a bowl of peaches and cream.

My best guess is you'll see a nuclear winter before age thirty. Rivers are the interstice of local history and time. He wrote early as a lifeline of sorts.

A bloody nose is a different color than sheep. It's called a breeching, son, and without it I'm stuck up here on this hill. The smell of apples marks a safe place, a happy place.

There was the night the warehouse burned and we all woke up to watch. So many pigeons coming from the old silo it was all I could do to keep walking. She looked sad on Harvey Road, less so in the school hallways.

Buddy on the farm, Buddy wins a prize! Iola slipped her arm through Joe's. Sucking a lollipop too long makes the insides of my mouth hurt.

Do you have a girlfriend? Blunderbuss was my favorite word. The mug's handle was cool and smooth in hand, a generous artificiality.

At times though it was like walking a gauntlet of invisible foes. My dreams became violent, more so.

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