Saturday, November 15, 2008

Be More Useful

Why are you afraid of hunger when after all you eat. Does ice on the window adhere to a logic least susceptible to identification. If you feel you can't pray, then be more useful than you once were otherwise.

The light of any new day is that of which it is easy to be fond. This poem or any other contains no map but can be said to be receptively an immensity. Open is a word that presupposes a container.

Recall that self means not only this moment repeated but also a glorified obsession extremely focused. If blue is your favorite color then why fear hunger in one way opposed to another. Certain poems encourage space in a way that is duplicitous. 

The appearance of maple trees budding redly in is it late winter will cause grave concern and rightly so. To a black bear the idea of hunger is not much of one at all. A container is a large opening in a previous blue.

The lake we recall from childhood ascends as well. If you are having difficulty praying that may itself be a sufficient result. Or else are we going to continue considering hunger a matter of an argument for grace.

Authenticity of intent is always a matter of words. You cannot eat a color no matter how hungry your poems indicate blue. If it is held within narrative then it is a list which is to say primarily an instinct towards the archival.

A comma is incapable of holding anything as pauses ever were. Although being hungry can causes certain valuations to be new.

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