Saturday, November 29, 2008

Adventure Is A Sign Of Spiritual Hunger

In the end a rain blurring world soft colors. Apple, lilac, sapling and sky. The first time with a special fondness not sexual.

Bow often and sincerely. Know that the aphrodisiac of moonlight may be used only once, after which it signifies unwillingness. Adventure is a sign of spiritual hunger.

Years ago the sea sucked its broadness on the beach. Not like anything but itself. May you find the street I found years ago.

Swans rise off clear canals to greet you. I stood for hours thinking blood signifies change. There is a second heart coursing to be silent.

Your voice a clear hills, like water hitting water. I set the fullness of my life into a vault. A slant of light would fall weeping.

The journey back, giving up forty years. Cold Aegean, abandoned cottage. A young bull or the bull's mother and then the long vowels.

In the months that came after I learned when we kissed. Crying when I told you you were beautiful, strength I remember.

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