Saturday, June 7, 2008

Certain Kinds Of Remembering

Walking on the wrong side of the road. And later visits from salesmen that leave us uneasy. Late at drunk, night, she sent emails to everyone she knew. The end is near but what end. And for who. Whom.

There were violins. Pocket knives polished till they startled. Rain fell or threatened to and the ticks were undeterred. What did I do that was ratty today. Falling asleep can be like following a chain. Albany. All bunnies.

Or else what is the wrong answer. Hand cloths on which the stains resemble faces. One wants a story but another one. A series of sentences in which bells were heard, maps located, sitcoms outlined.

Lyric influence pervasive and welcome. Put a tent in the nineteenth sentence. It was the eyes but also the cavity in which they glimmered, like candles, and certain kinds of remembering.

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