Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Lemon Spray-painted Brown

What noise was that minimally. Showing off at the helm with lines about gender. There's always another stretch of field ahead. Abraham Lincoln wandering around blind. The door closed and behind it dust rose. A children's drawing, come to life.

The cheerful haunt, the lover of fruit rinds. Newspaper sales are down, what does this mean to me. Heat, rising, thunderstorms like broken kneecaps. The heart of asbestos is the ruin of glass eyes. An island, captivated, corn-related synthetic.

There was a letter about implants, there were reindeer suffering from cancer. There was a crack in the wall from which ants rolled their own missives, there was a lemon spray painted brown.

Dissatisfaction with the twenty sentences. Cramped for time. Remembering Ron Silliman. Also "music is the obvious analogy." Is that right?

It's about rhythm, how it all moves. Also the L sounds, particularly in tri-syllabic (or quadri-syllabic) words.

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