Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Landed Face North

Face north and that's different. The dip that a swallow makes as it arcs. Count to ten when you finish a sentence then quickly write whatever comes to mind. A nest is an example of exquisite engineering. Do trees shed their leaves in winter so more sun will reach the ground, is that what Mother Nature had in mind. Father Night, Mother Nature. It cannot be said enough that most writing is merely a cry for response. The male mallard is proof that God has an excellent eye for color. Ride with me, I need you, we're going back. Is enough enough and if so when. Hark for we broke our journey to Toronto in three places. I am not opposed to edits, nor a pleasant sound in my head while reading. I am most pleased by apple blossoms, honeysuckle a close second. Out of Saint John's Wort so what next. When it comes to compost, the chickens avoid grapefruit rinds. Why do we built outdoor files always in circles. Agitated goslings. Walking through wet soil and the tracks I leave behind are horse prints. Where the river turns we're most likely to find treasure. That's all, stop counting, you landed.

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