Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Puzzle Piece In The Shape Of The Missing Knowledge

1. It's a green world littered with frisbees.
2. Last night I drew a chalk shark (pink) on the road outside and Jeremiah drew a jellyfish (yellow).
3. What are "troll jammies" someone asked and I answered, "it's a family thing, an inside joke."
4. The chicken who was sick is now well.
5. If, without telling anyone, you believe you are identical to certain 18th century monsters and write the autobiography of particularly lonely one, have you adequately avoided the perils of first person narrative.
6. Blue Jays remind me of sharks, also of fraternity pledges, yet their blue - especially near the tail feathers (modulated by black stripes, like ash) - is close to my favorite color.
7. The worse thing about imagining a fire at the office was picturing inevitable water damage to my thesaurus.
8. Why am I numbering each sentence?
9. Because I knew that sooner or later I was going to have to try it, just see what it did to the form, whether and how it changed the writing, and this morning I just said okay, let's try it.
10. Numbers impact narrative flow and I like narrative flow though I like it choppy, a flow with waves in it.
11. East coast/west coast and I skipped the in between - or something like that.
12. Yet St. Louis is dear to me, always will be, for that lovely river which made me realize once and forever I was never going to be impressed with cities, and also for the information garnered there in a dark hotel room, over a bottle of white wine, about D.
13. It was snowing, a gray snow and a frozen earth, when we returned.
14. What we don't know - or more aptly what we refuse to learn - becomes inside us an emptiness, like a puzzle piece in the shape of the missing knowledge.
15. Leftover Halloween decorations, weathered by a hard winter, make me want to turn my head, pretend they're not there.
16. I found a quarter in the grass last night, right where C was tapping her stick, and I was babbling about making money by writing differently.
17. Quarters are my favorite coin, hands down, and the conversation about me making money by writing differently has been going on since the first year of my marriage.
18. I made the kids go to bed earlier than usual and they were surprisingly acquiescent.
19. I have to say that I miss seeing the moon and regret that obfuscatory cloud cover appears to be "heading our way."
20. Well it's done and there are times when that's the best you can say.

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