Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Joke The Truth Is

He reached into his billfold and pulled out . . . an arachnid! That's funny, I don't remember you being so talkative. Well, we were younger then. Like grapes rolling down a warm sandy hill. But was it better than cocktails? Hard to say. My paternal uncle owns a factory that manufactures little paper umbrellas.

Between this and that one can almost always count on being surprised. Taken over, swept away. And you have to wonder what's going to become of the mail. Most things fall apart slowly. When they don't, it's time to find someone to blame. Respectfully, I have a problem with this inclination towards messiahs, saviors, etc.

I charge the same for haircuts regardless of how much hair you have. This is the proverbial quality vs. quantity argument, no? Actually, it's a quote from a true craftsman who practices somewhere South of here. That's what all of these particular twenty sentences are, didn't you catch that?

No, that's a joke. The truth is, these sentences are strips of papier mache and a mask is being constructed. Fellow lycanthropes - you know who you are - had better watch out.

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