Thursday, April 17, 2008

Only Partially His Path

Walking with D. in the woods I saw the landscape the way you do after a stroke. He takes a more circuitous path, avoiding snow banks, deadfall, jutting branches. The path - an old logging road - is only partially his path. We saw a garter snake out there, first of the year. Its red tongue was a fine ribbon in the afternoon sun.

Jeremiah loves the horses at Back Acres Farm, though he is bored during Sophia's lesson. We sat in the dry grass and he untied my shoes while she cantered over poles. Melanie had some good ideas about teaching. She was laid out flat in the sunlight when we arrived, like a sacrifice. Alix's cell phone rings the way mine used too.

The kids waited in Chesterfield while I bought Doritos for our "Princess Bride Party," which was a bust. K. asked about my father, as always. The new warmth is hard to believe. I told Chrisoula we made it through winter. She was unusually happy when we got home, that infectious joy she can have, where you feel like you're in her home and it's perfect.

Reading Henry Gould right now, or getting glimpses of him. Guest/Ghost/Geist et cetera. Things turn out a certain way and after you say that's how it was meant to be. Why not? More and more I feel contentment despite all the reasons not to.

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